The Academy of Ballet offers a variety of classes for the adult student- high school and older.  Whether you are a beginner, or returning to class after years away - you will find these classes both challenging and a great work-out! Enroll for a daytime or evening schedule.  Classes are one hour, and sessions are in eight week intervals. To register, please see below!

Fall Term - 2017

Ballet Exercise - Instructor: Marina O'Rourke

The purpose of this class is to get a great total body work-out by learning and performing a variety of ballet and modern dance techniques. Emphasis is given to form, visual appearance, posture and body alignment. Class includes barre work, stretches and floor work.

Clothing requirements: Proper fitting (not baggy) exercise clothing or dancewear (leotard, tights, short, optional skirt) and ballet slippers, or socks.


September 26 - November 16

Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 1:30 - 2:30

Per Eight weeks: $75 One Class per Week/$135 Two Classes per Week

Please contact for questions and to register.


Adult Ballet Classes - Instructor: Megan MacLeod

Thursday Evenings 7:30 - 8:30 PM - Beginning and Refresher Class  

September 21 - November 9

Friday Evenings 6:00 - 7:00 PM - Intermediate/Advanced Class 

September 22 - November 10

Whether a beginning student, or a returning ballet student wanting a refresher course, these classes include all the elements of a structured, serious ballet lesson: barre work, center combinations and travelling steps across the floor. The Friday classes are for adult dancers with extensive, previous training.

Clothing requirements: Dancewear including leotard and tights for women (short optional skirt allowed). Solid colored tee shirt, tights or leggings for men.  All students must have ballet slippers, either pink, black or white.

Eight Week Fall Term, 2016: $75.00

Please contact for questions and to register!


To Register:

"Contact Us" either by e-mail: or  to reserve your space in class.  Let us know which class you are reserving.  Registration will take place the first class and includes supplying your name, address, contact number and paying fees.  It's that easy! 

Frequently asked questions:

Am I too old for these classes? No, you are not! students range in age from 16 - 70+ (who's asking?)  However, you do have to be physically able to do the work.  Don't think ballet is easy; it's strenuous, challenging and complicated.  You have to think about what you are doing - all the time. Yet, this is what makes these courses extremely gratifying!

Can I take these classes if I have (knee, hip, back, etc.) issues? Certainly - but you must be aware of what you can, and cannot do.  Inform your instructor ahead of time. If you are uncertain, consult your physician or medical professional and again, discuss your status with Marina or Megan. Nothing should stop you from pursuing this study!

Can I start classes if I don't have the right supplies?  Yes - sometimes it takes a few weeks for shoes to arrive if they are back-ordered.  Wear proper fitting clothing and socks until your supplies arrive or you have a chance to purchase.

What if I miss a class?  If you must miss a class you can make-up in the daytime classes. Please give Marina advanced notice when you intend to make-up to assure space in class. If you know you are going to miss a class, you can make-up ahead of time!  If appropriate, day students can make-up in the evening adult ballet class.  Again, please contact the instructor to assure space.